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Through the lens of a Photographer | KaTrena Wize Artography

Wow! It's amazing how differently our perspectives are while looking at the SAME things. As a photographer, I immediately see art surrounding me, hence ARTogaraphy (lol) and can't wait to experience something special. If I were to go to the same location on different days, I would always we see different art every time. The perspective changes and it makes me fall in love with what I do over and over again.

In such a flooded field, Photography is not for everyone. There has to be passion, there has to be perseverance , there has to be faith, and there has to be something you give that no one else can like a signature look and I know I have mine. Through my lens, I see opportunity, and with opportunity comes much more.

Model: Shaunielle Foster

Designer: Brian Atkins with Studio B Designs

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