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We all want to look fab for our special day, but most importantly, the photos that hang all over the house of your wedding day MUST be just as outstanding. So here are a few beauty tips that will make your photographer love you and you'll even thank yourself. Ready for the secret? Like to hear it? Here it Go?


6+ Months Before

Exercise Plan and Diet

While we celebrate women loving the skin you're in just the way you are, but this is important is you're looking for that rejuvenated, stunning glow on camera. Who doesn't want supple, glowing skin and a healthy body on camera? So if you're at the 6 month mark or at any mark, start now!


2-3 Months Before

Get Regular Facials, Skin Treatments, and Test Tanning Options

We definitely don't want pimples to pop on your wedding day, so lets ensure great skin techniques now. After your daily showering, go above and beyond on moisturizing your skin and taking vitamins.

If you're going for the glowing bronze queen look on your wedding day, testing out tanning shades and options. No one wants to show up looking like a tangerine (lol)

This will ensure all your photos are not focused on your acne, orange skin, and tan lines.


1-2 Months Before

Hair & Makeup Trial Run and Whiten Teeth

This is major. LISTEN. Do your research on makeup artist and the products they use. I have seen many faces so beautiful, but melted by the time the photoshoot came around. Find a makeup artist that specializes in wedding makeup that uses products that will last the entire day through the emotional tears, sweat, and any other mishaps. This is your time for trial runs with some MUAs in your area. Also, this is the time to whiten your teeth so you won't take all your photos with glow in the dark teeth (lol). So make your appointment now.


The Last 2 Weeks Before

Exfoliate Regularly, Wax, Shape Eyebrows

We are getting closer to your BIG MOMENT! Its time to knuckle down and make sure your skin is exfoliated regularly, eyebrows waxed, and any part of your body that needs hair removal is taken care of. Whether you need to sugar scrub or spa treatment, your skin needs to be on it's best behavior at this time. So make your skin happy.


1-3 Days Before

Getting Your Nails and Pedicure Done, Hair Done, Beauty Sleep and Plenty or Water

Time is tight and now we need to use our time wisely. This would be the best time to get your nails done with your best girlfriends, get your hair done by the hairstylist of your choice, and catch up on some sleep. Throughout your days of tying loose ends, stay hydrated and keep water by your side. Not only is it fantastic for your skin, but makes you feel great come wedding down. Don't get slowed down by the sugary soft drinks.



Moisturize from head to toe, Makeup, and Get Dressed, and Enjoy your Special Day.

Today is the day!! You have done the work and wonder if any of it was worth it. I'm here to tell you that you made the best decision anyone could ever make and the proof is in the photos. The moment you view the finished work of your photos, you will thank yourself for taking care of yourself.

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