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5 Tips on Having the Best Birthday Party Ever!

#1 HAVE A THEME THAT PEOPLE WOULD LOVE TO PARTICIPATE IN- There's nothing like a dope theme that people would love to act a fool in to make the party live!

#2 FOOD AND DRINKS MAKE THE PARTY- Good food and drinks that's tasty is an easy decision to stick around and enjoy. If the food tastes like garbage, let's just say your guest will be looking for a dumpster and the nearest restaurant that's not your party. Choose your food and drinks carefully.

#3 INVITE YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS AND FAMILY- Having the people closest to you to come party makes the atmosphere the most comfortable for you to be yourself, be real, and not have to be so reserved in front of strangers.

#4 ENJOY THE PEOPLE WHO CAME- Spending so much time wondering why some of your guest did Not come could put a damper on your mood and the energy of your party! Life happens and people can't make it, but you know what, the people that took the time out to come celebrate your life should be the people you turn up with! So smile, have a drink (or juice lol) and have the time of your life.

#5 HAVE FUN-It's important to just enjoy your day! Mishaps will happen, but hey, it's not the end of the world. Laugh, dance, smile, and do whatever makes you happy on your day and the rest will fall in line.

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