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How to Get The Best Vacation Photos Just From Your PHONE

Summer is approaching and in today's time, it seems like everyone has a professional camera, but everyone doesn't always want to carry around that 10lb baby everywhere while trying to relax on vacation. So here's some tips on shooting with your phone.

#1 ADJUST YOUR BRIGHTNESS BEFORE SNAPPING- Before you rush and snap, look at the brightness on your photo, if you're not satisfied, try turning down your brightness and it may be the key to your dope shot!

#2 FIND PHOTO FILTER APPS THAT FIT YOU- The world is seen in a filter seems like haha. Every photo, commercial, and so many other visuals are not as they seem, but hey, if it makes you happy, filter that jant! 😜 It can make your vacation look even more fun and glamorous! Finding a good filter for your photo and adjust based on how you feel could set that photo off! Try it! You won't be disappointed.

#3 BE STILL- No one is with those shaky, blurry, say cheese, lame photos anymore (haha) Just try your best not to shake your phone as you hit the shutter button Lol unless you're going for that kind of look!

#4 FIND GREAT LIGHTING- Natural lighting is always best, but if you're in a dark area, play around, move around and find a lit area to do your snaps! You'll thank me for this!

#5 HAVE FUN- This is the most important. If you're not having fun and enjoying the company you're around, your photos will show it and no one wants fake, staged corny photos!

I Hope these tips helped you get ready for your vacations or life through your camera. Stay locked with us for more tips and great photography specials with us!

KaTrena Wize Artography

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